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Service/Emergency Service:

Equipment always has the potential to fail. Whether it is an electrical component worn down by the years of use or a control that is improperly controlling an appliance, all equipment can and does fail over time and this can cause loss in heating, cooling or refrigeration.

When equipment does fail, we at KC Mechanical are quick to respond, to get on site to properly diagnose the cause of a failure or improper operation of equipment. We explain exactly what the situation is, why the equipment isn’t working correctly and the options available to you, the customer, on how to move forward. As a company, we have access to numerous vendors and suppliers giving us the greatest chance of finding a way to correct the problem as soon as possible. Then, once the equipment is back up and running correctly, we give a detailed report on exactly what our technician found and how they corrected it.

All of the above applies to our Emergency Service, available 24/7.

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Preventative Maintenance:

The primary reason for any business or home owner to have a regularly scheduled preventive maintenance program is to prevent unexpected outages due to equipment failure.

Each customer’s situation is different, but any outage is always an inconvenience and can very quickly become a costly expense. A proper Preventive Maintenance program that includes regular upkeep will greatly reduce the risk of equipment failure, extend the life of the equipment and reduce overall operating costs.

"Each maintenance program needs to be customized for the equipment and the conditions in which it operates."

Whether it is a commercial rooftop air conditioner or a residential heat boiler, a Preventative Maintenance program must be tailored for both the customer and the equipment. This can include changing of filters and belts, washing of condenser and evaporator coils, cleaning of heat exchangers, upkeep of electrical components, thorough testing of appliance operation, and the investigation of potential problems. This is just a brief list of some common items included on most Preventative Maintenance programs but is not the full extent of what could be involved.

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In recent times, a number of changes to the Massachusetts code may require updates to existing systems to bring them up to the standard expected by insurance companies and departments.

Some such updates include:

  • Changing standard copper oil lines to those sleeved in a protective coating
  • Installing an oil safety valve
  • Repairs or upgrades to existing flue piping
  • Upgrades to newer control systems
  • Installation of additional require safety devices
  • Among others

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KC Mechanical offers a free estimate to any potential customer for replacement or repair of equipment, preventative maintenance program, system evaluation, or installation of new equipment. Our professional technicians will offer as much information as possible for any of our services as well as their professional opinion on how to achieve the result a customer is looking for.

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Other Services:

As a company, KC Mechanical also offers a number of other services that may be required by both commercial and residential customers such as:

  • Oil tank removal or replacement
  • Oil tank inspections
  • Removal and disposal of contaminated fuel oil

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